What is eCapsula?

eCapsula is a private digital enclave with functional features and services in high traffic areas for work or rest.

Who is it for?


What can I do inside eCapsula?

Work, play or rest, safely and privately. You have unlimited access to WiFi, TV, Game console, Bluetooth, Surround sound, Charging station and many other features and services. You can conduct meetings in person or over the internet (including video), catch up on work, watch a movie, do homework, play the latest games, or even sleep in comfort. 

What is the price of an eCapsula service?

All prices will be announced in 3rd quarter 2016

Where and when will the first eCapsula be located?

Initially, eCapsula's are planned to be available in the airports, hospitals, universities, public parks, shopping malls and business centers. 
We are planning to have the first operational eCapsula ready for the public use in Chicago in May 2017. Location will be announced in 3rd quarter 2016.
2017 - 2019 - United States of America
2020 - Worldwide